Best Color Night Vision CCTV Camera In Bangladesh

Best Color Night Vision CCTV Camera In Bangladesh

Color Night Vision CCTV Camera In Bangladesh

The best Color Night Vision CCTV Camera is the subject line to discuss. We, CCTVPrice-BD have a good experience on Color Night Vision Camera from the best CCTV brands in BD.

What Is a Color Night Vision CCTV Camera?

Color night vision is a type of CCTV camera that can produce a full-color image in low light. These cameras come with infrared (IR) LEDs. It provides an invisible source of illumination during the night. And special sensors that filter out the red glow emitted by the LEDs. Color night vision cameras use an infrared-cut filter to allow light to pass through during the day but block out infrared light at night. This allows for full-color images when there is plenty of natural light. But also helps keep colors accurate when using a color night vision camera’s built-in infrared LEDs.

Benefits Of Color Night Vision Cameras

Here are some of the benefits of a color night vision camera:

Superior images:

Color night vision cameras provide superior image quality in low-light conditions. In addition, the images captured by these types of surveillance systems can be enhanced for further clarity through digital processing and computer vision software. This is useful for tracking the movement and identity of individuals or vehicles who may be involved in suspicious activities on your property at night.

Improved crime prevention:

It’s difficult to prevent crimes when you can’t see what’s going on around you. The dark nighttime hours are prime time for thieves, but with a color night vision CCTV camera installed on your property, you’ll always have an eye on things—even when it seems like nobody is watching.

Improved security

For businesses that need to keep an eye on their premises while they’re closed after dark (such as parking lots or retail stores), having a high-quality CCTV Camera system that works 24/7 without fail is essential to maintaining peace of mind among employees and customers alike–which ultimately leads to improved security overall!

Improved protection for your family by CCTV Camera

If you’ve ever been worried about who might be lurking outside your house at night waiting to break in, then having one of these types of CCTV Cameras installed will help put those fears at ease with real-time footage from every angle so no matter where someone tries sneaking up from they won’t catch anyone unawares again! That way, everyone inside feels safe knowing they’re protected by constant surveillance even after dark has fallen outside their doors.”

Why Do You Need A Color Night Vision Camera?

Businesses or individuals who are concerned about security issues or those interested in securing their property may want to consider purchasing a CCTV camera. These cameras provide an excellent way to increase home and business security and protect the property of others. In addition, these devices can help law enforcement agencies in identifying suspicious activity. They can be used by businesses for monitoring employees, monitoring children, monitoring elderly people, and other much more.

Types Of Color Night Vision CCTV Cameras In Bangladesh

There are five different types of Full colour CCTV cameras in Bangladesh:

  • Turret Camera
  • Dome Camera
  • Bullet Camera
  • PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Cameras, and
  • Spy/Hidden Cameras – These are cameras that have been covertly installed into an ordinary-looking object such as a flowerpot or wall clock with the intention of capturing video footage without others knowing where the camera is located.
Color Night Vision CCTV Camera

Some Of The Selected Best brand Color Night Vision Cameras

1. Hikvision ColorVu 4mp color night vision camera

The Hikvision ColorVu 4mp is a great color night vision camera. It has a 1/3″ CMOS sensor, and it records at 4mp resolution. The 2.8mm lens allows it to capture more of its surroundings than most other security cameras. The IR range is 30m, which is pretty good. And it also has smart IR, which adjusts the bright part and contrast of the picture as you come near the subject or farther away from your subject. There’s also 3D DNR (digital noise reduction), which cuts down on distortion caused by blurring in low light conditions, and 120dB WDR (wide dynamic range), which makes sure both bright areas and dark areas are exposed correctly, so they’re not too washed out or too shadowy.

2. Jovision JVS-N816-LYS color night vision camera

Key Features:

  • Full-Color IP Camera
  • Effective Pixels – 2.0MP
  • IR-Distance – Up to 30 Meters
  • Compression Standard – H.265/H.264

3. Reolink RLC811A full-color night vision camera

Reolink RLC811A 4MP Super HD Outdoor Security Camera with Audio

Key Features:

  • Resolution: 4MP super HD
  • Night Vision: Range Up to an area of 100ft / 30m (Color night vision)
  • Motion Detection & Alerts: Smart motion detection and smartphone alerts. With advanced motion detection technology, it will accurately detect moving objects and timely alert you.

4. Dahua 4K Dome – Dahua full color night vision camera

This camera is a dome camera with excellent image quality. It comes with great features like 4K resolution, H.265, H.265+, High-performance infrared and Smart detection along with Up to 120dB WDR, Defog, and 3D DNR to make the video clear even in bad light conditions.

The IP67 protection grade allows it to be used outside. And the IK10 protection grade allows this camera to resist any sort of physical damage.

The Best brands Color Night Vision Cameras price in Bangladesh for your home, appartment, industry and Office security.

  1. Avtech CCTV
  • DGM2203 SVSE 2MP AVTECH Starlight IR Dome IP Camera Price 7200 taka per PC
  • DGM2643SV 2MP H.265 AVTECH IR Bullet IP Camera Price 14500 taka per PC
  • AVTECH DGM2403ASVWSE 2MP dome IP Camera Price 9500 taka per PC
  • AVTECH DGM2403ASVWSE 2MP IR Bullet IP Camera Price 8500 taka per PC

2. Dahua CCTV

  • HAC-HFW1239TLMP-A-LED Dahua Bullet Camera Price 3500 taka per PC
  • AC-HDW-1209CP-LED Dahua Bullet Camera Price 2500 taka per PC
  • Dahua HAC-HFW1239MH-A-LED Bullet Camera Price 3800 taka per PC
  • Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1209CP-A-LED Bullet Camera Price 2100 taka per PC

3. Hikvision CCTV

  • DS-2CE10DFT-FC Hikvision 2MP ColorVu Camera Price 3500 taka per PC
  • Hik DS-2CE12DF3T-F Hikvision 2MP ColorVu Camera Price 3800 taka per PC
  • Hikvision DS-2CE72DFT-FC 2 MP Price 3500 taka per PC
  • Hikvision DS-2CE12DFT-FC 2 MP Price 3800 taka per PC

4. Jovision CCTV

  • JVS-N916-KDL 3MP Jovision Full-Color Audio IP Camera Price 3500 taka per PC
  • JVS-N816-LYS Jovision 2MP Full-Color IP Camera Price 3150 taka per PC
  • Jovision JVS-A836-HYC 2MP Full-Color IP Camera Price 3150 taka per PC
  • Jovision JVS-C8W-WF 2MP Full-Color wifi Camera Price 3600 taka per PC

Where To Buy The Best Color Night Vision CCTV Cameras In Bangladesh?

This is the first question that we should ask ourselves before buying a good quality CCTV camera. We can buy the best color night vision CCTV cameras from various places, including:

CCTV Camera Shop in Dhaka:

The main CCTV shops are located in Elephant road, Gulisthan, and Baitul Mokarram areas. Shops are not the best option to buy color night vision cameras because they will not provide technical support. Better to buy from a CCTV Camera installation company, which maintains a full support team to give CCTV service. Shops keeper can offer us limited products and miss some of the latest technology.

CCTV Camera Importer:

Some CCTV importers import only specific brands and models of cameras. This will limit our options for choosing the right CCTV Camera for our purpose. It’s also possible that you may end up buying an old model of your choice, which might not have all the features you desire, like HD resolution or 4MP resolution, etc. To avoid these, we should always try to find a trusted importer who imports all major brands, so we get decent choices for our purchases.

You need the best color night vision cameras in Bangladesh to protect your business and home.

You might have been hearing about the benefits of CCTV for years and finally decided to purchase one to help protect your home. Although you already had some safety features in place, you were happy to have a system that would keep up with things as time went on. The night vision feature is especially good for nights when you don’t want to be disturbed by an intruder but still want an aerial view of everything going on around your house.

With the best color night vision CCTV camera in Bangladesh, you can see clearly even in the dark and can now sleep peacefully knowing that your house and family are secure.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What exactly is color night vision?

In comparison to standard infrared (black-and-white) night vision, Color Night Vision is a more modern and developed option for a Night vision camera.

Which night vision technology—color or black-and-white—is superior?

Full-color images are better provided by color night vision security cameras. This is due to the fact that their image sensors provide superior contrast in low light conditions as well as in brighter conditions.

At night, how clear is the Color Night Vision CC Camera?

To be able to see at night, most Color night vision CCTV cameras make use of infrared technology (IR). Surrounding CCTV cameras with night-vision capabilities are LEDs that provide bright light. The camera can see in complete darkness because of the infrared light they generate at night.

Are red lights available on all the color night vision CCTV cameras?

Are there night vision security cameras that don’t use LED lights or emit a red glow? If so, which ones? Infrared light is presently used for night vision by most security cameras.

Is IR the special feature of a night vision CCTV camera?

Cameras that utilize infrared light to see in the dark are called IR or night vision. Despite the fact that we cannot see it, infrared light is all around us. Infrared cameras are able to see in the dark because they are able to detect these invisible infrared wavelengths.

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