How CCTV Cameras of different types of work:

How CCTV Cameras of different types of work:

CCTV Cameras are important for ensuring security in Bangladesh

CCTV, or television, is a system that permits you to keep an eye on what’s going on in and around your business or household. CCTV cameras and monitors help you to look at events live, and recorders save footage for later reference. A CCTV monitor should not be mistaken for a regular television. It doesn’t show publicly broadcasted content—only footage from security cameras installed on the premises.

CCTV technology has been around for many years, but improvements in recent years make it even simpler at capturing criminals within the act and bringing them to justice. Consider the varied parts of a CCTV system and the way all of them work together.


CCTV cameras can capture footage of various places, especially in any vulnerable or high-crime places in and also around your building. There are several basic security camera options for you to choose from:

  • Wired CCTV cameras use cables to transmit footage and conduct video surveillance, but the signal can become weak when the transmission range crosses 300 meters. Using suitable networking cables, switches, and signal boosters can help overcome this issue. Several cameras are often interconnected to at least one monitor located during a security room.
  • Analog CCTV cameras are around for years and are still the foremost common kind of CCTV camera installed today. They have basic functionality and store video onsite.
  • IP (Internet protocol) CCTV cameras function in the same way as their analog counterparts, but with vastly greater capabilities. IP cameras can provide sharper, higher resolution images and extra flexible features like remote zoom and repositioning. They also provide you with the selection to watch the footage on an online browser. This makes it possible to receive notifications regarding anything peculiar on your cameras’ records—such as movement inside your business or store at even 4:00 am—and view it live from your home or anywhere via a computer or smartphone. The only drawback of IP cameras is their high price.


All CCTV systems require even a little amount of cabling, even the wireless cameras. Cables link different pieces of kit together, including monitors, recorders, modems, and wired cameras. Enabling the CCTV camera to work properly.

The cable of the DVR to the CCTV camera does 2 works. It transfers video from the camera to the DVR and it supplies 12 volt power to the CCTV camera. Video connection is via a BNC connector. If you’re using CAT5 cable then the BNC connectors are going to be a part of the video balun. 12 volt power connections are 5.5 mm jack plugs. At the camera end there’s a DC plug, at the DVR end a DC socket into which the 12 volt power supply for the camera connects. For this reason you’d normally locate the camera power supply next to the DVR unit. The DVR is going to be furnished with it’s own 12 volt power supply.



When a CCTV camera spots something of interest, a recorder ensures you’ll return and consider it later. you’ll find your cameras to record everything they capture, but that takes up tons of space for storing . For this reason, you’ll want to program your cameras to record only during certain times of the day or once they detect movement. Your video options include DVR and NVR.

  • DVRs, or digital video recorders, are the fashionable replacement for analog recorders that use videotapes. DVRs capture footage from analog cameras during a digital format at the specified resolution and frames per second. When the hard disc gets full, new images will record over the oldest footage first.
  • NVRs, or network video recorders, work almost like DVRs, but they are compatible with IP cameras. CCTV cameras and NVRs connect via a network switch or router. you’ll easily access footage on an NVR through an internet browser or mobile app.
  • A Note about hard disks: confirm you decide on surveillance-grade hard disks for your DVR or NVR. These are built with more durable components than regular computer hard drives in order that they can run 24/7 if necessary.


To view live or recorded footage from your security cameras, you want to attach your DVR or NVR to a TV or monitor. The display unit for your CCTV system can be an ordinary monochrome screen to an HD color monitor. If you’ve got IP cameras, you’ll also be able to  view footage remotely from a smartphone or computer.


Whether your goal is to discourage break-ins and theft, prevent vandalism, monitor traffic, or keep an eye fixed on employees, CCTV could provide a big benefit for your business. But you must install CCTV cameras from the best CC camera brands in Bangladesh. CCTV dealers in Bangladesh can expertly design and install CCTV systems in your business or homes

Whether you would like basic wired analog cameras, otherwise you want the newest wireless IP cameras with every advanced feature available, we will address your needs. CCTV camera companies in Bangladesh will also assist you to overcome problems with camera vandalism by offering dust-resistant housings and bullet-resistant, explosion-proof casings. They have a wide selection of affordable, high-quality CCTV products that are certain to be the right addition to your company’s security efforts.


  •  Jovision technology started its journey in 2000 and now has become one among the world’s leading suppliers of security products. Jovision is among the top-level companies selling security products. The corporation has developed professional level skills for building all their own advanced video surveillance products.
  • Hikvision began their journey in 2001 from China. Now Hikvision has become one among the leading of innovate CCTV solutions. the corporate has numerous range of CCTV cameras and devices.
  • Dahua Technology originated from China but now has numerous everywhere the planet supplying video surveillance products. watching their achievements, they need the second highest market share selling on video surveillance equipment in 2015. The corporate is understood for his or her products which are CCTV Cameras, Video Recorders and lots of other products too.

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