DAHUA CCTV Package Price list from Dahua Dealer in Bangladesh. CCTV Packages are 4 Channel, 8 Ch, 16 Ch, 32 Ch with 1mp camera, 2mp camera, 3mp camera, 4mp camera. All package box contents : CC Camera + DVR or NVR + 1TB HDD + adapter + Monitor + Cable + Installation and video balloon with all accessories. Buyers can customize the sets as per his / her needs. Best indoor security camera Dahua wifi camera and best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR for recording solution.

DAHUA CCTV Package | IP Camera | HD Camera | NVR | CCTV | DVR

Credible Tech also Dahua Service & Solution provider in Bangladesh. CCTV Camera packages is suitable use for Home, Shop and office.

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Hikvision IP Camera

Hikvision IP Camera price in Bangladesh – We are one of  Hikvision Distributor in Bangladesh. Providing Hikvision IP Camera price list for 2MP / 3MP/ 4MP network surveillance security system. There is two category Hikvision CCTV, indoor and outdoor. All dome CCTV are for indoor use only, but some PTZ dome cameras for indoor and outdoor solutions. Box or bullet CC TV can use for both (indoor/outdoor). Buy now from our online shop.

Hikvision IP Camera | HD Camera | 360 fisheye | Wifi Camera | PTZ Camera

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Best CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh

CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh | Hikvision CCTV Camera Company

Looking for the best quality CCTV camera price in Bangladesh within a budget? We can help you with that. Here at Credible.com, we give you a wide range of Closed-circuit television from the best quality brands at a reasonable price. We’re a company based in Dhaka with expertise in digital security solutions. As one of the most reputable and trustworthy digital security service distributors and importers in Bangladesh, we can give you high-quality Closed-circuit television and other security equipment at a great price range.

We also have a wide range of products with affordable CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh. No matter what kind of Closed-circuit television it is that you want, you will find it here on our website. We organize the products neatly on our website. This helps you find your necessary security solution easily. Organized product categories also help you save time.  Find all your network and security solutions at Credible technology.

Price Range of Closed-circuit television

Cctvprice-bd is your one-stop solution for the best quality Closed-circuit television at the best price. We have a variety of packages at different price ranges so that we can cater to everyone’s needs. We also accept payment through installation to make the buying process easier for you. You can enjoy our services from all over Bangladesh.

How does a CCTV Work?

Closed-circuit television or a Closed-circuit television consists of a monitor, lens, and a recorder. Official or Non-official organizations use this Closed-circuit television to deter crime. Common uses of the Security Closed-circuit television also include regulating or monitoring employee productivity and activity and keeping evidence of actions that can work as law enforcement forces.
Even a lot of private and non-private organizations use this kind of Security Closed-circuit television for surveillance. You can save the videos from the Security devices and see them later.

Analog VS IP based Cameras

Analog based CCD has been in use for quite some time now. This is the most generic and common kind of Security Closed-circuit television. This version has a series of Closed-circuit television joined together in it. Then set wires are fed to work the monitors and recording devices.

An IP CCD on the other hand works in the same pattern but has more features that you can benefit from. You can use IP Closed-circuit television if you need higher quality videos and audio. A server contains all the recorded videos. So if you want you can view the file from any location. You can also email and save these videos as a reference for later use. Lots of organizations demand Security Closed-circuit television footage as proof. Usually, they ask for videos that have been recorded on IP CCDs. This is because the clarity in audio and video quality reduces the risks of ambiguity for them.

Types of CC Cameras available

Credible.com.bd gives you a wide range of products to choose from. But here are a few of the main kinds of Closed-circuit surveillance that we carry.

Dome Cameras

You can use this kind of dome camera for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. The dome-like shape of digital security makes it difficult to tell which direction the Closed-circuit television is facing. These kinds of Closed-circuit television are popular in places where you want to reduce crime. With dome-shaped Security equipment, you can’t tell which way the Closed-circuit television is facing. This creates uncertainty and risk that most criminals don’t take. A Dome Security camera is also quite easy to install and is incredibly durable. Therefore the structure remains intact during the act of vandalization.

Bullet Cameras

These cameras are cylindrical in shape and great for use outdoors. The main advantage of using Bullet Security CCD is that they have high-quality long-distance viewing power. To protect the item from dust rain and any other kind of debris you need to install it properly. You can install these with a fixed lens or a varifocal lens depending on your requirements.

Day/Night Cameras

Night Vision is the perfect product for any dark or poorly lit location. Built with extra sensitive imaging chips these Closed-circuit television are capable of capturing high-quality images and clear videos even in the dark. As the camera also does not have any infrared illuminators this is the best outdoor Day Night Security option. You can record both in black and white and in color and choose the Closed-circuit system size according to your preference.

PTZ  Cameras

PTZ Closed-circuit system can move up, down, left, and right. You can also zoom in and out. Usually, surveillance specialists use this kind of Security surveillance system. Guards also use this for operating the security system digitally. They also work great at night and can give you high-resolution videos.

How to Select the Right Closed-circuit television?

We suggest that you choose a Closed-circuit television based on your requirements and location. For example, if you want a CCD for your own home you could go for an analog CCD as a high-resolution video is not a necessity. But if you’re looking for a Security surveillance system to install in your workplace, you might want to go for an IP surveillance system as insurance companies usually prefer that.

Firstly take a look at the kind of lens a Close Circuit television has. Zooming or rotating are features that you might want in your Closed-circuit television.

For better DSP processing you need a Close Circuit system that has at least a ¼inch sensor.

You also need to see what the resolution output of a camera is if you want a better quality video.

Other factors such as price, hardware, and night vision are quite subjective. These features vary from person to person.

Best CC Camera Brand in Bangladesh

Buy the best CC Camera brand in Bangladesh & be secure with the original product. To give you the best quality products and services we bring CCTV brands from China, Taiwan, South-Korea, and the USA. For wireless surveillance, we have brands such as Hikvision and Dahua. Other brands such as jovision and Avtech are also available for purchase. Keeping your safety concerns in mind, we only provide digital security services using brands we trust and rely on.

CC Camera package price in Bangladesh

Our CC Camera package price in Bangladesh consist of brands such as Hikvision, Avtech, Dahua, and Jovinson. You also get a variety of turbo HD camera packages price lists, night vision IP camera packages, wireless CCTV packages, WIFI camera packages, and many other variations.

CCTV full set price in Bangladesh. The package cost is inclusive of all of the parts that you will need along with installation.

CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh

Credible Technology is the top CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh, Dhaka. Nowadays the demand for CCTV Security recording systems set up in Dhaka, along with Bangladesh. CC cameras are becoming a necessity now to keep your home and loved ones safe. Without it, you don’t feel secure. Safety should be everyone’s first priority. With increasing demand, finding the right CC surveillance can become difficult.

Credible.com ( CCTV Company) helps you feel safe and protected at all times. We do this with the help of reliable security solutions. Here, you will find top quality CC surveillance. All the brands that we carry are durable. The quality and performance of the cameras won’t ever disappoint you. Credible technology is the best source for getting authentic CC surveillance. You will be satisfied with our product, because

We are a distributor, importer of Avtech, Jovision, Hikvision & Dahua dealer in Bangladesh. So you can get the best CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh from us.

We have security systems for offices, schools, homes, shops, and businesses as well. The branded CC cameras are available at a fair price. Each CC surveillance has the latest technology system. There is no doubt that our products are of the best standard.

IP Camera price in Bangladesh

We are providing HD camera, here are all Avtech, Dahua, Hikvision & Jovision IP Camera with 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP Camera are available. Products with different price ranges are available for everyone. All of the IP cameras that we have on our website are from reputable brands. Dahua and Hikvision are brands that are always in demand So you can trust them to last for a long time. You will need footage from IP surveillance if you want to provide proof for any official work. IP cameras give you videos that are crystal clear. These cameras are quite popular and in-demand.

Credible Technology BD can give you the best price for IP surveillance. You can enjoy high-quality video footage at a reasonable price. We have different Mega Pixel options for you to choose from. Settle for a camera that suits your budget. Here at Credible Technology BD, we try to think about everyone’s needs. And so, we have security packages available at different price ranges. Everyone should be able to have the comfort of security. That is why we have tried to have variety in our price range as well. Getting this surveillance at an affordable price is not an easy task. But we made it possible. You can find products at the lowest price at Credible Technology BD. Shop with us to get the best deals in the country!

CC Camera shop in Dhaka

We Credible Technology BD are giving solutions for security cameras for home / Industry. Here is the link for the CCTV Camera shop near me, check & compare the price from the link. Call us to get our service & support. We carry different brands to increase variety and product range. So you can find different Closed-circuit television on our website.

Both analog and IP technology systems is available for purchase. You can choose which type you want depending on your budget and requirements. We also have Dome-shaped Closed-circuit television, Day/Night, PTZ pan tilt, and many other verities in our product line. Browse through our website to check out all the devices that we carry. Surely, you will find something that fits your requirements. Got any confusion or queries? We have a product description section! You will find many important information here. Find out the camera usage and features in the description. See which surveillance you need for your location.

We have options for official places and for homes or unofficial places as well. You can also find Camera specification, brand history, and compatibility in the description section. There is no way you will end up with the wrong product when you’re shopping with Credible Technology BD. We are always here to help and guide you. Do you want your security products and equipment delivered to your doorstep? We can do that for you. Get CCTV security from in-demand brands at Credible Technology BD.

CC Camera Service Provider in Bangladesh

Find your area where you need CCTV Service: Dhanmondi, Motijheel, Mirpur, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Rampura, Khilgaon, and Jatrabari area. CCTV Service near me: district wise – Rangpur, Bogra, Sylhet, Maymansig, Comilla & Chittagong. We provide services all over Bangladesh. You can also avail of cash on delivery services from us. Products take just a few days to reach your doorstep.

We provide the fastest delivery so that you can get your products on time. Besides providing the necessary tools and accessories we also have installation services. Contact us if you want your CC Camera set up perfectly. As we only carry brands that we trust, none of the products that we sell require frequent maintenance. We offer packages that include installation as well. You can know the full cost, including installation fees beforehand. You can contact us for consultancy or advisory services if you need it.

We always try and help our customers so that they get the best products available. We are the largest distributor of CCTV camera services in Bangladesh. Because we have the best brands and business accomodating relations we are capable of providing the best service. Not only can we provide services in Dhaka but we can provide service of the same caliber and quality country-wide. Feel free to contact us for any further queries or service inquiries. We are always here to help you with the best product.

Security Camera mobile phone view

CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

Video conference system in Bangladesh

– is widely used for affordable meeting solutions, Video conference systems in Bangladesh. Now all are passing a very busy life and all are looking to save communication time or meeting costs. In this regards renowned companies are producing and providing the product as per the buyer’s need. USB speakerphone for Skype is a very hot demand in the market. USB Speakerphone for Skype and G suite video and voice conferencing system. It is a good product for a teleconference. Video conference device requires for wide range meeting, which is a complete solution.

Best Skype speakerphone, G suite video, and voice conferencing. Best conference speakerphone and Bluetooth speakerphone, Mvoice manufacturer produce all & we provide that for the conference room. USB PTZ Video Conference Camera and Conference System price in Bangladesh. Conference room sound system and Ceiling Speaker available here.

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CCTV Cameras of different types & factors to consider before purchasing

CCTV Cameras of different types & factors to consider before purchasing

CCTV Cameras Price is a big factor in Bangladesh Many Security- providing organizations are currently considering new video surveillance systems or upgrading their outdated systems with reasonable CCTV Cameras Price to acquire advantages. A big percentage of security threats include theft by employees or visitors, violence or threats, and other crimes of opportunity.   So first of all, we need to consider the types of Security Cameras in Bangladesh that are available. There are different factors a buyer has to consider…
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