Night Vision CCTV Camera in Bangladesh

Night Vision CCTV Camera in Bangladesh

Best Night Vision CCTV Camera in Bangladesh

Finding the best night vision CCTV camera for your home is not an easy job. you’ll have to research properly, read many night vision CC camera reviews, but still be puzzled:

Do the safety cameras you’re trying to find have the simplest night-sight ? Do you have to buy wireless outdoor night vision security cameras?

Color night-sight vs white and black night-sight, which one to choose? Or shall you put in the outdoor security closed-circuit television with night-sight through glass windows inside your house (does it even work)?

Read this blog to find answers to all your questions.

The way Night Vision CCTV Cameras work:

The most common Night Vision CCTV Camera in Bangladesh are infrared (IR), which uses infrared light to capture images/videos.

dark Vision closed-circuit television have small built-in LED bulbs (when observing the camera lens, you can see them set around the lens), and an IR cut filter, which is used to detect daylight and to dam out the sunlight falling on the image sensor during the day so the image looks accurate in the daytime..

Besides, infrared is completely invisible to our eyes, but visible to the security IP closed-circuit television with night-sight.

When it’s pitch dark outside, the LED lights activate and act as a floodlight of sorts, and thus the filter automatically gets removed. therefore the safety cameras can see clearly within the dark and capture high-resolution images and videos, even within a place that’s totally dark (without any lighting).

Can CCTV Cameras have Night Vision?

Many people have the same question in their mind, which is, can IP Cameras have a dark vision? The answer is yes, why not? closed-circuit television is more advanced now than ever. And they are becoming better every day!

There are many top outdoor security Cameras for sale. However, not all wireless CCTV cameras are night-vision compatible.

Do check all and ensure the security & surveillance IP cameras have a good dark vision before you purchase them.

You can find out if it is a dark vision security camera by the steps below:

  • You may check the specifications to find if the camera supports a dark vision.
  • enquire the manufacturer for night CC samples.
  • Collect and watch night-vision footage from other customers.
  • Read reviews of night vision CCTV camera.
  • Search on the internet and see if you can find consumer reviews of the camera.

Top-quality security cameras from top CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh would offer the best CCTV price in Bangladesh and long-range night vision cameras. Long-distance IR closed-circuit television help you to monitor your house 24/7, your front yard, your back garden, your garage (vehicles or cars), and anywhere you want.

Why black and white vision?

 Best quality Night Vision closed-circuit television can capture black and white dart vision videos, but a lot of people do not know that they can also record color dark vision.

Color Night Vision CC Cameras

 Color full dark Vision closed-circuit television can offer 4k color night vision security camera. They usually offer you black and white dark vision by default, but you can change the settings to make the full-color night vision work properly.

However, in the closed-circuit television market, when we say color security system with dark vision, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the starlight dark vision closed-circuit television.

Starlight long-range night vision security camera always produces color images, even in locations with the minimum light. With the help of the powerful starlight image sensor.

So if the security Camera uses a starlight image sensor, we can be certain it offers color high-resolution night vision security camera wireless.

Night Vision CCTV Camera in Bangladesh

Color Night Vision Security Cameras or B & W Night Vision Cameras? 

Actually, there is no definite answer to this. It depends on various factors and also the user’s preference.

In a few cases, white and black dark vision works better than color dark vision, and also the other way around.

You must know the top 5 important factors below whilst choosing the best outdoor night vision closed-circuit television:

#1. The quality of the footage

The best night vision security camera can capture black and white videos and color footage. However, black and white dark vision closed-circuit television is always better than color night vision in terms of image quality.

But If the closed-circuit television carries a starlight image sensor, things would turn out to be different. The starlight image sensor can offer much better color night vision than other closed-circuit television.

#2. Storage Capacity

Color dark vision footage takes up more storage space than Black & White. So, if storage is a factor for you, you can choose black and white dark vision without any hesitation.

#3. The range of the vision

Black and white dark vision covers a better angle than a full-color dark vision security closed-circuit television. For example, at a 30-meter distance in the surveillance area, black and white mode would capture clear images, while white color mode can not.

#4. Price of the CCTV Camera

The best night vision CC Camera price in Bangladesh can be found easily on Google. The price of the starlight image sensors is comparatively higher than the normal ones. Therefore, closed-circuit television that has starlight image sensors may cost more than the ones that do not have it.

#5. Installation

You may need to reconsider your chosen closed-circuit television type according to the place. The most common installing areas of night vision CCTV Camera are:

  • Large scale enterprise
  • Shared footprints spaces
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Driveways
  • Living rooms
  • Door passages
  • Front porches 
  • Gardens
  • Store entrances

Best Night Vision Security Cameras

Many factors would affect your final choice. But do remember, a top high quality outdoor wireless security camera with dark vision will always have the features shown below:

  • High resolution: The CC TV should at least have 1080p resolution. Otherwise, the footage cannot be clear enough for the consumer. The higher resolution the dark Vision CC TV Camera has better details and clearer footage it will produce, including facial details and license plates which are essential.
  • Weather factors: Rain or sunshine, hot or cold temperature, an outdoor WiFi IP camera should be able to handle it with ease.
  • IR range: This means how far the camera with night vision is able to see at night. A long range night vision security camera should see at least 9 meters. 
  • 3D DNR: This will remove image noise in both day and night footage, and it’s a basic feature that is widely used in high-quality security Cameras to enhance dark vision.

Wide-angle: The larger viewing angle of the surveillance camera can capture more of the area it is monitoring, so you can get a wider look.

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