The Cybersecurity Imperative: Key Benchmarks and Takeaways for Security Companies

As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and cyberthreats become more sophisticated and prevalent, it’s more important than ever for security companies to understand the cybersecurity landscape and have strong cybersecurity postures. The security industry is recognizing the urgency of this issue, too – in the Security Industry Association’s (SIA’s) research to forecast the 2019 Security Megatrends, cybersecurity was identified as the standout trend shaping the security industry. Industry leaders said that cybersecurity’s impact on physical security solutions was the top trend they expected to face in 2019 – by nearly 30 percentage points.

In an effort to strengthen the industry’s cybersecurity understanding and preparedness, this National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, SIA sponsored a groundbreaking global study from ESI ThoughtLab and WSJ Pro Cybersecurity that analyzes and benchmarks the cybersecurity practices and initiatives of 1,300 companies. The report shares insights on cybersecurity best practices, performance metrics and calls to action to help companies address the complex, evolving cyber risk landscape.

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