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Hikvision NVR Price list in Bangladesh

Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “Hikvision”) was established in November 2001, founded with 49% foreign capital. The company was officially listed on Small and Medium Enterprise Board (SME Board) in China Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 28, 2010 (002415.SZ). As of September 16, 2016, Hikvision has a market capitalization of more than $20 billion USD, more than 18,000 employees and 40 wholly-owned subsidiaries or shareholding companies worldwide.

1.    Hikvision corporate governance structure

As an independent and publicly traded corporation, Hikvision has a diverse set of private and public shareholders. As of June 30, 2016, 41.88% of Hikvision’s shares are jointly owned by China Electronics Technology HIK Group Co., Ltd. (CETHIK) and CETC No. 52 Research Institute, both are part of CETC, a state-owned enterprise; 18.28% is privately owned by Mr. Kung Hung Ka (a Hong Kong permanent resident); 8.48% is owned by the company’s founders and executives; and the remaining 31.36% is owned by A-shares investors; International institutional investors such as UBS AG and JP Morgan are among Hikvision’s top 10 shareholders. Currently, Hikvision’s Board of Directors consists of eight directors, three of whom are independent directors.

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  • DS-7104HGHI-F1

    Hikvision DS-7104HGHI-F1 Price | Hikvision DVR

    ৳ 4,500

    Turbo HD DVR

  • DS-7104NI-SN

    Hikvision DS-7104NI-SN NVR Price

    ৳ 6,800

    Embedded MIni NVR

  • DS-7108HGHI-F1

    Hikvision DS-7108HGHI-F1 HDTVI DVR Price

    ৳ 6,500

    Turbo HD DVR

  • DS-7108HQHI-F1

    Hikvision DS-7108HQHI-F1 HD-TVI DVR Price

    ৳ 8,000

    Turbo HD DVR

  • DS-7108NI-E1

    Hikvision DS-7108NI-E1 NVR Price

    ৳ 9,700

    MIni WiFi NVR

  • DS-7108NI-SN

    Hikvision DS-7108NI-SN NVR Price

    ৳ 7,800

    Embedded MIni NVR

  • DS-7204HGHI-F1

    Hikvision DS-7204HGHI-F1 HDTVI DVR Price

    ৳ 4,600

    Turbo HD DVR

  • DS-7204HQHI-F1

    Hikvision DS-7204HQHI-F1 HD-TVI DVR Price

    ৳ 6,800

    Turbo HD DVR

  • DS-7204HUHI-F2

    Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-F2-N HD TVI DVR Price

    ৳ 11,500


  • DS-7208HGHI-F2

    Hikvision DS-7208HGHI-F2 HDTVI DVR Price

    ৳ 9,800

    Turbo HD DVR

  • DS-7208HQHI-F2

    Hikvision DS-7208HQHI-F2 HD-TVI DVR Price

    ৳ 10,500

    Turbo HD DVR

  • DS-7216HGHI-F2

    Hikvision DS-7216HGHI-F2 HD-TVI DVR Price

    ৳ 14,300

    Turbo HD DVR

Showing 1–12 of 24 results